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Rosy Aronson, author and illustrator of a children's book for 8 to 12 year-olds titled A Tale of Serendipity: The Adventure Begins!, firmly believes that when children face challenges with courage and support, this can catalyze quantum leaps in their growth and overall resiliency. In this book about five seal brothers facing their own monumental challenges, Aronson weaves a joyful tale that immerses readers in the ocean along
with both these lovable pups and their magically
inspiring friends.

This story begins when an unrelenting storm and a vicious seal hunting ship abruptly alters their peaceful life. Forced to leave behind their mother and about-to-be-born sibling, the brothers are whisked away by their father. Their escape evolves into a journey that will change them all forever.

A Tale of Serendipity Book CoverThe pup seals are determined to reunite their family, but are not sure how to find their mother in the vastness of the ocean. Faced with this daunting task, while serendipitously supported by their dynamic new dolphin friends, the brothers are challenged to face their fears, find their gifts, and join forces as they launch a heroically collaborative mission.

The character development of each of the five brother seals is rich, full and compelling. Rutt, burdened by the heavy responsibility of being the first-born, must learn to believe in himself, even if it means trusting his own authority and defying the father he loves and respects. Ruff, a shy seal with a generous imagination and an embarrassing stutter, must realize the power of his daydreams and liberate his authentic voice. Raul, a thin-skinned and perceptive seal, oppressed by a host of inner insecurities, must honor the strength that lies within his vulnerability, and the wisdom emanating from his night-time dreams. Reck, a proud seal with puffed-up bravado, must face his fear of not being good enough, embody true confidence, and become a team-player. Rup, the littlest pup who misses his mother terribly, must surrender to the love and support that surrounds him, and in the end, open up his jealous heart to the newest member of the family.

Rosy AronsonMore About the Author

After many years of gestation, author Rosy Aronson has completed part one of A Tale of Serendipity, the prelude to a fun adventure loaded with thought-provoking life lessons for children ages 8 to 12. The inspiration for this book-series-in-the-making came through an unusually lucid dream back in 1992, when Aronson was living in Copenhagen. Hundreds of pages into the project (originally intended for adults), "life happened." Aronson became involved in her Danish creative arts therapy practice, nonfiction writing projects, a move back to the U.S., several more educations in counseling psychology, drama therapy and spiritual counseling. And then, Aronson became a mother, which changed everything -- including the audience for her book!

Aronson never shook the strange feeling that she and A Tale of Serendipity were on a course of co-development, that "we were leading parallel lives -- yearning, experiencing, growing, discovering treasures together."

While Aronson sees the protagonists of this story as a family of seals, she also sees the protagonist as the phenomenon we call serendipity - the magical force that comes when we least expect it, that works behind the scenes, coaxing, clicking and sparking discovery and transformation into being.

Born and raised in Chicago, IL, Aronson has always had a deep affinity for animals, humans included! Spending the bulk of her adult life pursuing passions for the healing and expressive arts, she enthusiastically shares this archetypal journey for the benefit of marine mammals, planet earth and children everywhere.

Aronson takes adult themes from the human growth potential movement and makes them accessible to children and families in this lively and suspenseful story. She plants the seeds for children to "believe in your dreams," "honor your uniqueness," and "with help from true friends, know that the impossible can become the inevitable, and even your deepest fears can be transformed into loving, wise action." A Tale of Serendipity is an excellent resource to the curriculum for grades 3 to 7, and a wonderful addition to any home library.

Rosy Aronson is a writer, artist and spiritual counselor in Berkeley, CA. She lives with her Danish husband Kim and her daughter Maya, her most inspiring audience and illustration coach. In her spare time, she can be found strolling with a friend, doing art projects with her daughter, dancing in the kitchen and improvising with life.

About Serendipity

Serendipity is another word for synchronicity, or meaningful coincidence. Over the course of a lifetime, we are all presented with countless opportunities to make serendipitous discoveries. Unfortunately, most of us are so consumed by our day-to-day busy lives and trapped by our worldviews, that such opportunities, more often than not, go unnoticed. Even when we do "notice," we don't always make the most of what we find.

When it comes to serendipity, happy accidents cannot be '"willed" into being; they are not under our control. We can, however, cultivate and practice an '"involuntary willingness" to let go of our agendas, attachments and resistances, to bypass our favorite filters and models, to be shaken up-and-out of the familiar. That way, when potentially transformative synchronicities do appear, we not only notice them, but dare to make the most of them. Despite our fear, confusion or anxiety, we take the "leap;" we allow the serendipitous events to reveal their potential value and meaning to us, even change us. When we are open and brave enough to do so, we can respond sensitively and intuitively to our discoveries, becoming positive change agents, co-keepers of the serendipitous promise of transformation.

A Tale of Serendipity: The Adventure Begins! is available for free as a downloadable e-book and (an unfolding) podcast, as well as for sale in hardcopy.

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A Tale of Serendipity: The Adventure Begins!

Written and illustrated by Rosy Aronson
353 pages, softcover
Publication date: Spring 2010
ISBN: 978-0-557-12641-5
Price: $20

If you're one of the first 10 to buy a book, 100% of the proceeds from your contribution will go towards supporting Luna (the seal pictured above, chosen by Rosy's daughter) at the National Seal Sanctuary.  Thereafter, 20% of all proceeds from the next 50 books sold will be donated to the Headlands Institute, a NatureBridge campus dedicated to connecting youth to the natural world.

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