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... is the story
of a family of seals whose peaceful life is suddenly

How will the brothers learn what happened to their mother, and how can they possibly find her in the vastness of the ocean? And what about their newborn sibling? Did the little pup, born at the worst moment imaginable, survive the tempest and hunter’s attack? Will Rutt, Ruff, Raul, Reck and Rup ever bring their family back together?

Faced with this almost unsurmountable task, the five brothers must take things into their own hands, even if it means defying their father. Embarking on the serendipitous adventure of a lifetime, they enlist the magical help of their dolphin friends -- facing fears, solving puzzles and revealing secrets along the way.

torn apart by a ravaging storm and a vicious seal-hunting ship. Forced to leave their mother and about-to-be-born sibling behind, the five young brothers Rutt, Ruff, Raul, Reck and Buy the book here!Rup are whisked away by their father. Their escape turns into a journey that will change them all forever.